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ecoRI News is dedicated to reporting on environmental and social justice issues in southern New England. Through our reporting, we create a more informed public and provide individuals with the information they need to be better stewards of their environment.

ecoRI Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with the IRS. We depend on the support of individuals, foundations and businesses that recognize the importance of local news delivered from an independent perspective.

Editorial policy

Through our reporting, we aim to shine a light on the region's complex environmental issues. Our primary responsibility is to our readers and the public trust. In our work, we will strive for accuracy in reporting the news; maintain editorial independence from our funders; be transparent about any perceived conflicts of interest, and operate without hidden agendas or biases. As a nonprofit newsroom, we do not advocate for any political causes.

Equity Statement

Communities of color are disproportionately impacted by the worst effects climate change and environmental degradation. Reflecting the reality of this injustice in our reporting is key to:

• giving our readers a deeper understanding of the issues;

• giving voice to communities historically underrepresented in mainstream media, and

• growing our reach.

To advance greater equity in information and leadership, we must report on the intersection of racial and environmental injustices by listening to and by building trust with communities of color so that we may tell their stories in an authentic and meaningful way. When our reporting is inclusive and reflective of all communities, we, as a news organization fulfill our mission of serving as an environmental watchdog for everyone.

Finaincial Statements

ecoRI News provides 990 statements for the past three fiscal years. Documents can be viewed by clicking links below:

2018 990
2017 990
2016 990


It is our policy to list the names of all individuals or foundations that have donated more than $3,000 in the past three years.

The Apple Pickers Foundation
EJMP Fund for Philanthropy
Deborah and Andrew Faulkner
Robert and Pam Faulkner
The Fund for Nonprofit News at the Miami Foundation
Gruben Charitable Foundation
The Island Foundation
Dan Levinson Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation
Terry A. Meyer Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation
The Rhode Island Foundation
The Prospect Hill Foundation
Rita Allen Foundation
Julie and Henry Sharpe
van Beuren Charitable Foundation
Deborah Wiley



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