Composting shouldn't be scary.
We're here to help.

ecoRI Earth is a pilot residential food-scrap collection service for residents in Providence, Edgewood/Pawtuxet and southern Pawtucket. For more information on composting with ecoRI Earth, e-mail Kevin Proft.

How the Program Works

1) You choose between weekly ($32 per month) and twice-monthly ($16 per month) collections.

2) ecoRI Earth gives you a 5-gallon food-scrap pail; picks up the the pail at your house on collection day; delivers your food scrap to a nearby urban farm.

3) Every spring, customers get a 5-gallon pail of the compost they helped create.

What we take: Fruit and vegetable scraps (uncooked or cooked), coffee grounds and filters, teabags, egg shells, greasy pizza boxes (clean tops should be recycled).  What we won’t take: Meat, cheese or grains.