You choose between weekly ($32 per month) and twice-monthly ($16 per month) collections.

ecoRI Earth provides you with a 5-gallon food-scrap pail; picks up the the pail at your house on collection days; delivers your food scraps to New Urban Farmers farm in Pawtucket and City Farm in Providence.

Every spring, all ecoRI Earth customers get a 5-gallon pail of the compost they helped create.


What we take: Fruit and veggie scraps (uncooked or cooked), coffee grounds and filters, teabags, egg shells, greasy pizza boxes (clean tops should be recycled).  

What we won’t take: Meat, cheese or grains

Backyard composter? Vermicomposting at home? Just want dirt delivered? Visit this page for more composting resources.


ecoRI Earth is a program that provides a sustainable stream of revenue for ecoRI Inc.'s primary opeartion, delivering locally reported environmental news from sourthern New England. Get ecoRI News in your inbox every Tuesday by signing up for our e-newsletter.

Composting shouldn't be scary. We're here to help.

ecoRI Earth is a pilot residential compost collection service for residents in Providence, Edgewood/Pawtuxet and southern Pawtucket.

ecoRI Earth picks up food scrap from your home and delivers it to local urban farms, where it is composted and used to grow more food. The program keeps food scraps out of the shrinking Landfill and helps city farms improve their soil.

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