Meet the Staff


Frank Carini


Frank has 27 years of journalism experience, and has spent time as both a reporter and an editor. He has worked at a variety of publications, from a metropolitan daily to a small daily newspaper to several weekly papers. As sports editor for The Cincinnati Post, he realized his boyhood dream of working in the field of sports journalism at a major daily newspaper. His more recent passion, however, is telling the stories — the good, bad and ugly — of our environmental successes and failures. He left the mainstream media to launch ecoRI News. He stands by the motto: "We only have one planet and we need to treat it better."

Joanna Detz
Executive Director/co-founder 



Joanna has an interest in social-justice journalism that stems back to the first time she read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” a book that also, incidentally, set her on the path to a beef-free lifestyle. After a brief foray into journalism, which included a stint at CNN’s Washington bureau during the 1996 presidential election, she turned to a career in graphic design. A designer for more than 10 years now, she still has mixed feelings about Helvetica. Joanna has a passion for the free press and believes in the power of community journalism.

Tim Faulkner
Executive Editor



Tim has been a community newspaper reporter in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts for more than 10 years. Prior to joining ecoRI News, he was a reporter for the Taunton (Mass.) Daily Gazette. Tim spent several years in the financial services sector before returning to graduate school, where he earned a degree in writing and publishing. He grew up in Barrington, R.I., where he lives with his wife and two daughters.



Krystine Ritzen
Krystine is a senior measurement and optimization consultant at MetLife, as well as a passionate eco-warrior. A self-proclaimed hippie, she owns and runs a homestead and often climbs on a soapbox to talk about the benefits of composting and recycling to anyone who will listen.

Ayla Fox
Vice President

Carl A. Santucci

Drew Carey


Chuck Allott

Bari Freeman

Gloria Kostadinova
Gloria is a science communications professional and currently leads marketing and communications efforts at Clean Ocean Access on Aquidneck Island. She holds a Master's in environmental science and management from the University of Rhode Island and a Bachelor’s in English from Boston College.

Emily Migliaccio

Mike Stanton
Mike is a journalism professor at the University of Connecticut and was a longtime reporter at The Providence Journal, where he won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. The author of two books, The Prince of Providence and Unbeaten, he still lives in Rhode Island.