EPA Issues Final Clean-Up Plan for Peterson/Puritan Superfund Site

By ecoRI News staff

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has completed a clean-up plan for the final portion of the Peterson/Puritan Inc. Superfund site on the Blackstone River in Cumberland and Lincoln, R.I.

The EPA developed the clean-up plan after considering public input about the scope of the cleanup and the eventual use of the property. The plan addresses contaminated floodplain soils, sediment and groundwater, and also follows a presumptive containment approach to properly close and cap the two landfills.

The two landfills contain large volumes of commingled wastes, including hazardous material, and associated debris along the floodplain of the Blackstone River adjacent to the landfills.

The cleanup takes into consideration anticipated future use of the site, aesthetics, habit quality and its overall compatibility with the development of the National Historical Park within the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor, according to the EPA.

The EPA has developed the final clean-up plan to achieve the following goals:

Ensure that the remedy protects public health and the sensitive river environment.

Show flexibility in the design of the engineered caps.

Make certain that emergency vehicles continue to have access to the Blackstone River and Pratt Dam.