Nonprofits Protect 50 Acres Along Trout Brook

By ecoRI News staff

WESTPORT, Mass. — A conservation partnership between the Buzzards Bay Coalition and the Westport Land Conservation Trust has led to the conservation of 50 acres of forests and wetlands to help preserve some of the town’s threatened sea-run brook trout habitat.

Historically, sea-run brook trout could be found in cold-water streams all along the southern New England coast. However, as a result of coastal development, Angeline Brook is one of only a handful of these streams that still exist along the coast from New York to Cape Cod. Protecting the natural forests and wetlands that surround Angeline Brook is key to maintaining the right water temperature and provide areas for fish to spawn.

Late last month, the Buzzards Bay Coalition (BBC) and Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT) protected two neighboring properties totaling 50 acres of land along Angeline Brook. The properties run along Cornell Road.

The properties will be owned by WLCT, as an expansion of the Herb Hadfield Conservation Area. The BBC coordinated the project, securing the contracts to buy both properties and raising about $165,000 in federal and state grants and private contributions.

In addition, the Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game will hold a conservation restriction, providing an extra layer of protection.

“Angeline Brook is one of the Buzzards Bay watershed’s most important resources for native fish,” BBC president Mark Rasmussen said.