Fall Preparations with Less Noise and No Gas

By ecoRI News staff

As fall fast approaches, leaves quickly turn from fresh green to rich reds and yellows and homeowners prepare for the inevitable — collecting leaves and clearing gardens.

Start by using quieter, cleaner alternatives to loud power tools, which cost more to buy, operate and run. Plus, they don’t do any favors for the environment. Use old-fashioned, hand-powered tools, if you are able.

Turn off that leaf blower, and no electric brooms. Rakes and real brooms are more effective. Do you really want to buy more gas or plug into the grid for an outdoor vacuum?

Use manual shears to trim back bushes and carefully prune your favorite trees.

Don’t be afraid of motor-less push mowers, especially if you have a small lawn. Again, do you really want to buy more gas? If you have a larger lawn or one that requires heavier maintenance, electric lawn mowers make less noise and have a lower environmental impact.

Hire neighborhood kids to rake your leaves. You’ll be supporting the local economy.

Instead of putting your leaves into yard-waste bags to be picked up by your trash collector, consider turning using the leaves to help make nutrient-rich soil for your spring garden. Collecting food scraps (greens) and leaves (browns) compost is easy and can save money on bagged soil and fertilizer.