Meet the Staff


Frank Carini


Frank has more than two decades of journalism experience, and has spent time as both a reporter and an editor. He has won several newspaper association awards for column writing, reporting, headline writing and page layout. He has worked at a variety of publications, from a metropolitan daily to a small daily newspaper to several weekly papers. As sports editor for The Cincinnati Post, he realized his boyhood dream of working in the field of sports journalism at a major daily newspaper. His more recent passion, however, is telling the stories — the good, bad and ugly — of our environmental successes and failures. He stands by the motto: "We only have one planet and we need to treat it better." The Providence resident and Medway, Mass., native left the mainstream media to launch ecoRI Inc. in September 2009.

Joanna Detz
Executive Director/co-founder 



Joanna is a graphic designer with an interest in social-justice journalism that stems back to the first time she read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” a book that also, incidentally, set her on the path to a beef-free lifestyle. After a brief foray into journalism, which included a stint at CNN’s Washington bureau during the 1996 presidential election, she became jaded to the mainstream media and turned, instead, to a career in graphic design, from which vantage, she remains jaded to mainstream media. A print designer for more than 10 years now, she still has mixed feelings about Helvetica and is always looking for ways to curb paper use in her profession by choosing recycled paper. She lives and breathes in Providence, on a street called Hope.

Tim Faulkner
Executive Editor



Tim worked as a community newspaper reporter in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts for several years. For three years, he was a reporter for the Taunton (Mass.) Daily Gazette. He spent several years in the financial services sector before returning to graduate school, where he earned a degree in writing and publishing. He grew up in Barrington, R.I., where he lives with his wife and two young daughters.

Kevin Proft
Programs Manager



Kevin began his career teaching history to inner-city, high-school students in Oakland, Calif. He has spent time living and traveling in Australia and New Zealand, where he was taken with the countries’ landscapes and reefs, but was disconcerted by how often these natural wonders are in danger of being overwhelmed by manmade incursions. He later lived and worked in San Francisco and couldn’t help having the environmentally friendly spirit of the city rub off on him. He now calls Providence home. Kevin is keenly interested in environmental issues, and wants to be a part of the solution to the problems of climate change and the loss of natural habitats that have resulted from human-propelled stressors happening around the globe. He enjoys being active in the community and hiking in the great outdoors.

Lesley McLaughlin
Development & Outreach
Lesley spent her growing-up years on a small farm in rural Massachusetts where there was plenty of opportunity to explore and wonder at the natural world. After studying communications in college, she worked in several Southern New England radio markets as on-air talent, commercial copywriter and local beat reporter. Wanting to expand her horizons, Lesley led group tours to National Parks across the U.S., the South Pacific and to the tiny Central American nation of Costa Rica, a world-leader in eco-tourism. Coming full circle, Lesley now enjoys her status as a community garden farm hand, Master Composter and lifelong learner..



Chip Young
University of Rhode Island Coastal Institute

John Torgan
Vice President
The Nature Conservancy

David Stookey
Savvy Families

Isaac Lavoie
Save The Bay


Chuck Allott
Aquidneck Land Trust

Drew Carey

Bari Freeman (George)
Bike Newport

Krystine Ritzen
‎Fidelity Investments