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Bicycling Idea for a Better Boulevard

Video and text by RACHEL PLAYE and JAMES KENNEDY

Pawtucket resident Hugo Bruggeman explains his proposal for a slow zone on one side of Blackstone Boulevard in Providence. Some bicyclists still don’t feel safe biking on Blackstone Boulevard because of high speeds and quick turns made by cars. This proposal would cap the eastern side of the street’s speed limit at 15 mph and encourage only local traffic. This would create a slower, quieter and safer street for bicyclers and pedestrians. The western side speed limit would be 25 mph and would become a two-way road for cars. To learn more about Bruggeman's proposal, visit betterboulevard.com.

Providence resident Rachel Playe runs the blog Transport Providence with James Kennedy.

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Reader Comments (1)

While I agree with the assessment that residents probably won't approve the idea, I commend the effort to think outside the box to encourage much more bicycling, and safety is a primary consideration. We need more truly separated bike lanes, an idea that does generate biking. Also needed: lower speed limits, more enforcement of laws, includng on the Boulevard, against dangerous driving such as speeding, drunk, reckless or distracted driving (and a tightening of these laws) and better education of kids as to how to be a safe driver and bike rider. There will be a great payoff in benefits to health and to environment including less loss of greensapce for parking and sprawl, greenhouse gas emission reduction, as well as, less noise and keeping our energy dolllars within the state instead of exporting them to benefit out of state and foreign oil barons. Promoting biking should be a high priority!
June 5, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterbarry

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