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Seasonal Parks and Campground Staff

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is seeking applicants to fill 20-30 seasonal positions at state parks, campgrounds and the Goddard Park golf course this fall. Positions are available for seasonal groundskeepers, laborers, park rangers, clerks and campground clerks for the first, second and third shifts. The positions will be available for approximately three months, beginning now and ending no later than Nov. 30.

Requirements: Most positions require work on weekends and holidays, and most seasonal employees work 40 hours a week. Park rangers patrol park areas, assist visitors, inspect facilities, and assist with routine operation of state parks and beaches. These positions involve a great deal of public interaction and applicants must possess good communication skills.

Qualifications: While most of the positions are available throughout Rhode Island for residents 16 and older, those applying for seasonal park ranger positions at levels II and III must be 18 or older.

Compensation: Hourly pay is $8.20 for laborers, $8.65 for park ranger II and $9.15 for park ranger III. Campground clerks are paid an hourly rate of $8.75 to $10.75, depending on the shift they work.

To apply: Click here, or call 401-222-2775, ext. 4609, weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.